2012 Dodge Nitro

2012 Dodge Nitro2012 Dodge Nitro to be a completely new car yourself, but beyond that there is disconcerting regarding the vehicle. Some analysts wonder whether there is even space inside 2012 Dodge Nitro was uncertain at the Chrysler group, and lots of cite the possible lack of car showroom as proof of gloom and doom predictions for Nitro. After sales with the first generation Nitro dropped by roughly half year after year, it is not hard a stretch to consentrate that the Nitro must be completely reinvented when it is to survive a company execution.

2012 Dodge Nitro Introduction

Several industry analysts expect big things from Dodge in 2012, and a lot of believe that a 2012 Nitro show car could be unveiled in Guangzhou or Shanghai sometime in the spring or early summer of 2011. The complete version in the vehicle would continue sale later that year as a possible early 2012 model. Expectations vary by pundit, but a CUV with aggressive styling is not too outlandish to think about. A young show car labeled the Dodge Magnum 2012 has now done the trade show circuit in mid- to late- 2010, and could function as a longer/lengthier version in the 2012 Dodge Nitro with less attitude and smaller wheels.

Ludicrously large wheels are simply just part of the Nitro DNA at Dodge and 20-inchers is actually certainly going to be a part of new 2012 Dodge Nitro and larger wheel sizes may also be on tap. A truck-like body-on-frame design and also a platform shared with the Liberty is unlikely to be section of the package. Instead, the brand new Jeep Compass may share more in accordance when it comes to platform using the 2012 Dodge Nitro than another vehicle inside the Pentastar/Fiat lineup.

Security features The large question currently, though the engine and gearbox is virtually certain. From your new V6s Dragon / Pentastar-series in the upper end of the world, and inline-4 engine has been revised to keep the entry-level Nitro may be joined with stronger lighter vehicles. All-wheel-drive on the rear, but more than likely have the ability to the very best end model, it’s not offered like a crossover with the Jeep brand will likely play in the future Dodge product.