2012 Toyota Avanza

2012 Toyota Avanza

As the rumours said that Toyota will attend 2012 Toyota Avanza as their latest product in 2012. This news was making anybody who do like avanza mode enthusiast to see what are the new features that will be given at the latest version of this car. Well, if you desire and are looking some information about this car, following are some information that probably could be your reference to get point of view about the car.

The Facts about 2012 Toyota Avanza

As it said that Toyota will be launching the 2012 Toyota Avanza at the middle of next year, the price of this car is not announced yet. Therefore, it will be better for you if you desire to get this car as your collection, to raise your funds, rumour said that it will be sold for more than $16,000. If we comparing the price with the advantages that will be we get from this car, that will be a competitive and an affordable price. Since it is only rumoured, there are not many information that could we get about its features and technologies. However, it is clear that this car will be supposed to be have better performance rather than its predecessor.

The Weaknesses of 2012 Toyota Avanza

Based on the 2012 Toyota Avanza’s pictures that are distributed by Toyota in internet today, many people consider that this car is lack on the body. They judge that this car’s spoiler is not too good, it is too long for this car. moreover, the rearview mirrors that have been installed at this car are not good quality of mirror. These could make some people dissapointed because they have expected that this car will give better satisfaction in driving car rather than its previous version. We hope that Toyota will be able to reconsider about these weaknesses before they decide to launch this car into market next year.